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nuxt seo example
Ihr Onlinauftritt ist zugleich Ihre Visitenkarte und die erste Anlaufstelle für Ihre potenziellen Kunden und Geschäftspartner. Das macht eine Website zu einem wesentlichen Kontaktpunkt bei der Kundengewinnung und Kundenbindung für Unternehmen im Großraum Hamburg. Wenn Sie die Suchmaschinenoptimierung Ihrer Website angehen wollen, sollten Sie alle geeigneten Hilfsmittel nutzen, um mehr Traffic und Umsatz zu schaffen. Registrieren Sie sich und nutzen Sie unser SEO-Tool. Auf Ihrem eigenen Dashboard im SEO Page Optimizer können Sie die Performance Ihrer Website überprüfen und verbessern. Erfolgreich werben auf Google mit selbst gestaltetem SEO. Inhalte sind das Herzstück jeder Website. Sie sollten einzigartig sein und obendrein interessante Themen in qualitativ ansprechender Form darbieten. Gelingt Ihnen dies, dann kommen Sie Ihren Besuchern entgegen und machen Ihre Seite sehr viel attraktiver für Nutzer. Nur Keywords in einer bestimmten Anzahl genügen für gutes SEO nicht. Die Texte und weitere Inhalte müssen zum gewählten Keyword passen. Wichtig für gutes SEO ist auch eine strukturierte Darbietung in einer Form, dass menschliche Leser ebenso gut einen Überblick erhalten wie die Bots der Suchmaschinen. Warum Keywords und ihre Auswahl für wirksames SEO so wichtig sind.
Nuxt adaptive SSR scheme: SEO and first screen minimization optimization.
If it is an SEO scenario, only the job set of the seoFetch stage will be executed. If it is accessed by a real user, the job set of minFetch stage will be executed on the server and returned immediately. The client can see the content and skeleton screen of the first screen. After loading the first screen, the job set of mounted stage will be executed asynchronously in the mounted stage, and other jobs with lower priority will be executed asynchronously. The idle stage is executed when it is idle. Nuxt Fetch Pipeline Use Example.
Improving the SEO of a Nuxt Js site with Meta Tags Midstride Tech Inc.
Its needed if you want to overwrite any meta tag with another one. The most obvious example is where you have dynamically generated URLs which need to have custom meta tags. This is of course very important to have for search engines so that they can uniquely index each of your pages. For now, just note that the HID value can be anything you want. I just decided to call it description and keywords to keep things simple. Custom Meta Tags per URL with HID. In the case of our site, we use the file _slug/index.vue to generate unique blog post URLs. This file will have access to blog post data defined in a vuex store. We currently store all of the SEO data within each blog post like this. id: 6, is_published: true, slug: seo-for-nuxt, title: 'Improving' the SEO of a Nuxt Js site', created_at: 07/20/2017, meta: id: 6, name: 'Improving' the SEO of a Nuxt site', content: 'Tips' for having a Nuxt site optimized for SEO', keywords: 'vuejs, nuxtjs, seo, meta, sitemap, modules'.'
Best Practices for Nuxt.js SEO - ITZone.
Here is an example of how meta tags for the page user profile can be rendered.: lt script> head let user this.user; return title: $ user.fullName $ user.userName - Nuxt.js, meta: hid: iOSUrl, property: al ios url, content: myapp //user screen_name$ user.userName: hid: description, name: description, content: $ user.fullName 's' public profile at Nuxt.js lt /script>.; lt; script gt.; let user this. title: $ user. fullName $ user. userName - Nuxt. content: myapp: user screen_name$ user.userName., content: $ user. fullName' '' s public profile at Nuxt. lt; script gt.; What is hid and how does it help SEO?
Building a SEO optimized blog with a Nuxt JAM stack and Markdown files. unsplash-logo.
Here is some example content.: - title: Building a SEO optimized blog with a Nuxt JAM stackslug: nuxt-jam-stackshort: How to build a SEO optimized, static file blog with nuxtjs and markdown files. Including a sitemap.xml and catagory or tag 07/11/2019image: images/my-featured-image.jpgtags: - code - nuxt - markdown - My blog post The normal markdown content. As you can see there is a header section following the YAML syntax for some meta information for this particular piece of content. title and short can later be used for dedicated h1s, meta title and description as well as your blog post list page.
Episode 49 Enjoy the Vue.
If something changes, it will calculate it again. Then you can, for example, provide the URLs through an API request, which will be then cached and maybe in an hour or so, revalidated. 002417: BH: Very nice. And that's' it for this week's' episode. Join us next week to find out why Nuxt is great for SEO, common Nuxt questions and static site rendering.
Nuxt.js cheat sheet - A Tech Blog by Christopher Kade.
Vue Server Renderer for server-side rendering out of the box. Vue meta for SEO. Heres a list of what well cover feel free to come back here if youre searching for something specific.: Creating a Nuxt.js project. Testing with Nuxt.js. Creating a new route. Creating dynamic routes. Navigating to a route in a component template. Navigating to a route programatically. Creating a new store module. Updating a store before rendering a component. Changing a pages head properties dynamically. SSR for dynamic routes. Displaying a fixed component throughout your app. Changing a projects router base. Handling internationalization i18n. Importing a font to your project. If you have any other requests or want to add anything new, please feel free to hit me up on Twitter christo_kade! Creating a Nuxt.js project. yarn create nuxt-app project-name. Which will prompt you to answer some questions, including.: Choose between integrated server-side frameworks None by default, Express, Koa etc. Choose features to install PWA Support, Linter Formatter, Prettier, Axios. Choose your favorite UI framework None by default, Bootstrap, Vuetify, Bulma etc. Choose your favorite testing framework None, Jest, AVA. The Nuxt mode you want Universal or SPA, more information.
Yes, here are 4 ways to handle SEO with Vue even without Node SSR by maisonfutari ITNEXT.
This could be done in any other lifecyle hook or method. Another way to use it could be to store the initial data in your Vuex state for example. In most cases, the title and meta tags are the most important to render from the backend, for the rest, Google can parse and crawl your JavaScript. Of course, SEO with classic SSR has its drawbacks.: You have to mirror each route were you need SEO on the backend. You have to pass the same data to the frontend and to APIs, sometimes if feels like duplicating stuff. But all things considered, this technique works damn well and I use it in production for a very big app. Actually, a Fortune 40 company in France also uses this technique with Vue JS and Sympfony PHP. There are some cases where, you dont need dynamic rendering from the server for each request. Thats where JAMStack comes in. JAMStack aka Static Site Generation aka Prerendering.
Nuxt.js example - why does the Vue needs a framework? - Vue-view.
Lets see how to install Nuxt.js. 4 Nuxt.js example project structure. 5 How is the Nuxt.js is better for SEO? What are the advantages of Nuxt.js? Build highly engaging Vue JS apps with Nuxt. Nuxt adds easy server-side-rendering and a folder-based config approach.
Headless CMS Strapi SEO best practices.
Then, on your front-end, you just have to create an SEO component that creates the necessary tags from these fields. Here's' an example in React.: const Seo const title, description, url, shareImage, keywords, preventIndexing useContext SeoContext; return Head title title /title meta name description" content description key description" meta name keywords" content keywords" meta name twitter card: content summary_large_image" key twitter card: meta property og url: content url key og url: meta property og title: content title key og title: meta property og description: content description key og description: meta property og image: content shareImage key og image: link rel canonical" href url preventIndexing meta name robots" content noindex /meta" meta name googlebot" content noindex /meta" Head.
Easy dynamic routes in your Nuxt sitemap Tim Benniks.
So, you are SEO conscious and you want to make sure your sitemap.xml is fancy and complete. You have dynamic routes in your Nuxt project. The documentation of nuxt/sitemap explains.: By" default, the dynamic routes are ignored by the sitemap module. Nuxt cannot automatically provide this type of complex routes. If you want the module to add any route with dynamic parameters, you have to set an array of dynamic routes." You can either hardcode all your routes or add an async function as the parameter for the routes. However, this is all little tedious or too much manual labor. A quick example.:
Sync your URLs with Vue InstantSearch Algolia.
The live version of this example is also available here. Combining with Nuxt.js. To enable routing in a Nuxt application, you cant use the createServerRootMixin factory as a mixin as usual, because you need to access Vue Router which is only available on the component instance.
Best Nuxt.js Websites Web Design Inspiration.
Order Alphabetical Popular. Best Website Examples of Nuxt.js Read more. 365 results for' '' Nuxt.js websites.' Nuxt.js is a web application framework based on Vue.js, Node.js, Webpack and Babel.js. Nuxt.js helps you build server-rendered Vue.js applications. Links: Javascript courses Animation courses.

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